Poland to assemble Belarusian MAZ buses

Poland to assemble Belarusian MAZ buses

Buses MAZ 203088, corresponding to Euro 6 emission standard, will be assembled in the Polish city of Płońsk by Glaspo Motors Company.

The assembly production of motor vehicles MAZ in Płońsk was officially opened in September, 2014. Glaspo Motors Company began with the production of vehicles for firefighters and public services. Now the parties are talking over the details of the contract for the assembly of buses, adapted to the European market. That the first vehicles are expected to go off the assembly line already in 2016.

"The company Glaspo Motors is interested in opening an assembly production of Belarusian buses. This implies that Belarusian vehicle sets will be supplied there. Details of the contract are under discussion," OAO MAZ told the website Naviny.by.

It is assumed that MAZ will deliver to Poland unassembled buses MAZ 209008. They will have the engine Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA Euro-6 producing 320 horsepower, 6-speed automatic transmission ZF 6AP1400B, as well as other parts of European manufacturers.

The bus is designed for transportation of passengers on city and suburban routes. As noted by OAO MAZ, bus interior was created to meet the increasing requirements for the safety and comfort of passengers. In particular, all the edges have rounded rigid structures and are framed by wide aluminum profiles.

Further, the ceiling panels are modified so as to provide uniform air distribution and LED lighting that pleases the eye. The bus also has a powerful air conditioning system and a heating system in the cabin. Flooring and paneling sidewalls have been improved.

In addition, MAZ 203088 is equipped with the kneeling system and a ramp with an electric drive, which makes boarding more convenient and fast for persons with disabilities.

There are 26 seats in the bus, while the complete capacity is 95.