Belarus Football Federation about new FIFA president Gianni Infantino


Belarus Football Federation about new FIFA president Gianni Infantino

FIFA has finally got a new president - Gianni Infantino - former UEFA general secretary. However, the impressive Swiss citizen could not celebrate a landslide win. He was just three votes ahead of his main rival - the president of the Asian Football Confederation, Sheikh Salman. 

Nevertheless, in the second round, the ex-Secretary General of UEFA was supported by the absolute majority of 115 voters against Sheikh Salman's 88.

Thus, a Swiss will again be at the helm of football on the planet for the next four years. However, he is far less scandalous than Joseph Blatter.

However, not all respected people in the football world are excited about the new president. In particular, Diego Maradona on the eve of the election, said the following: "When a person who shuffles draw balls is running for FIFA presidency everything is very bad."

Well, Infantino was very lucky that Maradona did not have the right to vote on Friday. But representatives of the Belarusian Football Federation did have this right. Even before the elections, the ABFF vice-president, Sergei Safaryan, stated that our delegation would support Infantino. And the ABFF delivered on their promise.

Sergei Safaryan, first deputy chairman of the Association Belarusian Football Federation:
Working with Gianni, we know what kind of person he is, how serious he is about the development of football. And, perhaps, it was the main argument. When we meet at UEFA, many other confederations envy how the national associations are helped with investment programs, with the development of football.

Mr Safaryan also said about progress in relations between football fans and police. It seems that police finally made concessions regarding the sale of beer in the stadiums. However, there have been no clear statements on this subject so far.

Sergei Safaryan:
If there is a stationary catering point, beer may be sold there. But we meant Minsk Arena or Borisov Arena where everything is in place for that. It is much more difficult to make it at old stadiums.