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Building of Trostenets memorial complex to be resumed in summer 2016

The building of the Trostenets memorial complex will be resumed in summer 2016.  According to the plan, the urochishches (natural boundaries) Blagovschina and Shashkovka are to be renovated. These areas were the parts of the Maly Trostenets Nazi death camp, located in the suburbs of Minsk in the Great Patriotic War.

To commemorate the deceased prisoners, the experts collected the earth from the most historically significant places of Trostenets. Later, the capsule with these samples will be put in the crypt of the All Saints Memorial Temple.

Anna Aksenova, chief architect of the Trostenets memorial complex:
The project specified the whole 124-hectare territory of the historical and cultural site. It comprises the burial site, the Trostenets death camp ruins, the cremation pit and the incinerator. Besides, the place of former urochishche Blagovschina will be commemorated. There is much work to do, as we have to connect the two territories lying far apart from each other. Moreover, the experts should examine the area by June. Only then we can start building.

In Maly Trostenets, as many people were killed as in Buchenwald, Auschwitz and Dachau. Statistics claim that there were more than 200 thousand victims.

the Trostenets memorial complex