Alexander Lukashenko honours women for dedication to family and career


Alexander Lukashenko honours women for dedication to family and career

The President conferred state awards on women on March 4.  

Warm atmosphere prevailed in the hall for award ceremonies of the Palace of Independence. Alexander Lukashenko congratulated women ahead of the International Women's Day. He addressed every Belarusian woman while presenting prestigious awards for their dedication to family and career.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Being the majority of the Belarusian population, you contribute to the consolidation of the young sovereign republic where every sphere is developing. A prosperous future awaits us.
Many daughters of Belarus marked the history. They became the exemplars of mercy, diligence and patriotism. I'm proud that our female contemporaries don't lag behind and don't evade the biggest challenges facing the modern world. They learn jobs with good prospects and master new technologies. At the same time, they are warm-hearted and excellent mothers in that they take care of the future generation. Upbringing is the most difficult, responsible and important profession on Earth. You're indispensable.
I'm especially pleased to award women the Orders of Mother. Motherhood is the greatest gift and the biggest miracle of all. Because children symbolize eternity, as people's writer Yanka Bryl once said.

Not only were the awards conferred on the representatives of the traditional women's occupations, like doctors, teachers, postwomen and saleswomen. Those in the jobs hard enough even for men were also rewarded. The medals and honourary titles were given to the customs and border protection officers. As well as to the best sportwomen in catch style and in weightlifting. However, the mothers of large families were the stars of the show.

Maria Kotova, mother of many children:
The only child is an egoist. Two are rivals. And three make a team. In our country, it brings financial benefits as well as happiness. I want to thank my fellow citizens for your appreciation of big families, which are unfortunately rare in our society. Thank you for your respect and understanding.