Belarusian cardiac surgery enters new level

Belarusian cardiac surgery enters new level

Belarusian surgeons have operated on a girl with Larsen syndrome. It’s a rare cardiovascular disease. American scientist and cardiac surgeon William Novick participated in the operation. He has consulted patients from Belarus for 19 years already. The famous doctor noted the significant achievements of the Belarusian colleagues.

19 years ago William Novick came to Belarus for the first time, together with 30 experts, all the necessary medicines and even equipment. Afterwards, such necessary assistance turned into cooperation.

Alexander Bashkevich, head of Department of the Republican Children's Cardiac Surgery Center:
Our center is already standing on equal level with good European centers. And we don't need someone to perform a surgery. But there are many nuances. Working together allows us to make better decisions. As people say: "Two heads are better than one".


Eleonora Lutovich, CTV:
A 2-week-old boy is being operated now. Underweight and a heart defect have required immediate assistance. Operation is being performed by Belarusian doctors. Despite the complexity, everything is calm as usual.

The years of practice and the invaluable experience doesn’t allow William to stand aside. He doesn’t have a scalpel in his hands, but it doesn’t mean indifference. The life of the patient often depends on the correctness of the adopted decision.

Dmitry Furmanchuk, head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Republican Children's Cardiac Surgery Center:
Rare diseases occur in different specialties. With the help of Dr. William Novick, we performed several surgeries with high efficiency and good results.

Larsen syndrome is one of the most unique diseases. Belarusian surgeons have come across this diagnosis for the first time. But the international experience combined with professionalism have done their job. The operation was a success.

William Novick, a cardiac surgeon, head of the International Fund "Child's heart" (USA):
In 1996, there were surgeries performed on fairly adult patients with a large percentage of mortality. Comparing with nowadays, modifies are global. Now here is operated children, who weigh less than 3 kilos.

Every year, about 500 open heart surgeries are performed in the Children’s Cardiac Surgery Center. Another 700 surgeries are performed with the use of special equipment and modern techniques.