Belarus 45th in Global Firepower list


Belarus 45th in Global Firepower list

Belarus is 45th among 126 countries in terms of aggregate indicators of its armed forces in the Global Firepower world ranking.

The first three places have been retained by the USA, Russia and China. They are followed by India, the United Kingdom, France and South Korea. Ukraine is ranked 25th, Belarus 45th, Uzbekistan 54th, Azerbaijan went down to 64th place, Armenia is in 74th, Georgia 75th, Kyrgyzstan 78th, Tajikistan 81st and Turkmenistan 90th. 

The last three lines are occupied by Mali, Mozambique and Somalia.

The ranking takes into account population among other things. Belarus occupies 83rd position in this respect. At the same time, in terms of the size of the army (65,000 people), the Armed Forces of Belarus is 65th. 

In the total number of aircraft (181), Belarusian army occupies 50th place. By the number of airports served (65), it is in 70th position. 

But in terms of the total number of tanks (including light) Belarus is ranked 15th. According to the compilers of the rating, Belarus has 1,665 tanks. 

According to Global Firepower researchers, Belarus spends $725 million per year on its army (the figure as of 2015) and is ranked 79th in terms of this figure.