Creative couple from Minsk making stained-glass windows


Creative couple from Minsk making stained-glass windows

Stained glass windows come to life in the sun glare and make unique the architecture and interiors.

Painting on glass appeared in the XII century in Russia. Stained-glass windows have become a major focus of Gothic cathedrals. Most often, religious and everyday scenes were depicted on stained glass windows.

Emperor Nicholas I was bringing the stained glass painting into fashion in the Russian empire in the 1820s.

They were the main decoration of St. Petersburg palaces. In the early XX century, floral motifs often depicted in the stained glass windows.

Olga Arzhanuhina and Victor Papkov began to create the stained glass windows in the classical technique 20 years ago. They joined pieces of glass with the help of lead. They both graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Olga’s artistic path started with painting of tiles and has always been associated with the Minsk city.

Olga Arzhanukhina, a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers:
We made tiles for the subway station Yakub Kolas Square. I painted the ornaments on the 2,000 tiles at the station. We participated in a project of the Great Patriotic War museum in the team with Kramarenko and Dovgalo. We all made the altar of Victory.

Stained glass windows are reminiscent of a homespun carpet, but instead of threads there is glass.

Olga Arzhanukhina and Victor Papkov had to stop working with lead technology because the metal is fairly mild, short-lived, and loses strength under the influence of the sun.

The Tiffany technique is complicated, but offers incredible opportunities for the artists. In accordance with the sketch, they cut the smallest thumbnail cardboard models. It is the copies of the future glass. Then they cut colored glass.

Olga and Victor go to Moscow and Poland for stained-glass windows material. By the way, stained glass art is very popular in Poland. The majority of churches are decorated with glass painting. Poland has a lot of workshops and factories for the production of accessories in the stained glass technique.

Still today, a handmade has special price. The work with stained glass requires patience and experience, because the glass may crack under the high temperature.

The colorful Trinity suburb with tiled roofs is a favorite place of the talented couple. It is reminiscent of colorful stained glass windows.

In Minsk, there are a lot of native art projects in which Olga Arzhanuhina and Victor Papkov participated in. For example, you can see the ceiling studded with roses and green foliage in a restaurant banquet hall of the Europe hotel. The ornate patterns create delicacy and lightness.

The main feature of the building of the Minsk City Executive Committee is geometric patterns in blue and scarlet stained glass. It was Victor Papkov who worked on them.

Victor Papkov, master of stained glass manufacturing:
We made icon of the Zhirovicheska Mother of God. It is dedicated to children who need assistance in recovery. The icon was the size of human growth. We have tried to make the icon of the glass pieces, and we got it.

Many home furnishings moved from workshop in the house of this couple. For example, a chandelier in the form of a peacock. This bird is a symbol of happiness. The couple recognizes that they want to make a little bit sun to the weather in Belarus, with the help of such lighters.

The works of these Minsk residents are known and appreciated both in Belarus and in Europe. The masters recognize that the main thing is to do things for fun and not think about assessment.