President Lukashenko for army's increased mobility


President Lukashenko for army's increased mobility

Mobile machinery is in focus during Belarus' Armed Forces rearmament, said President Alexander Lukashenko addressing territorial defense forces February 17, 2016.

These forces have recently been created in Belarus. Their main task is to ensure the safety of the main objects of life, if necessary. 

The Head of State asked the territorial defense forces about their readiness and then asked whether heads of districts and regions are ready to assume command. 

The Belarus President instructed to conduct the training of appropriate management staff. It includes theoretical and practical lessons. Soon, Belarus will check the readiness of the territorial troops.

Particular attention was paid to the re-equipment of the Armed Forces of Belarus. Among the priorities is the creation of mobile and modern machinery. 

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
My concern is that, you know, how often it happened in our history: on paper everything is good, but if (God forbid) something happens, then we begin to sacrifice millions of lives to cover the errors of the High Command, as it was during the last war. Please, no formalism. And you see and feel for yourself that we have recently, without any fanfares, conducted military exercises. We inspect the Armed Forces, as does the Minister of Defence under the control of the Secretary of State. I am constantly reported back. We are re-equipping our Armed Forces, giving priority to mobile components.
But the question is: are we prepared to act in the conditions of war and involve all the territorial defense forces? I demanded that the Ministry of Defence revisit this issue and start the preparation of all the commanders. Governors must first of all deal with territorial defense. In peacetime, their office is called the governor-general, which corresponds to the major general in wartime. They will have to take command of the territorial defense forces and solve other tasks and ensure the safety of the population and army supplies. So it is necessary that every Governor-General, the Chairman of each city and district executive committee know how to act, have these lists, numbers and people who he knows will be responsible for certain things. Not only commanders who will be tasked with defending of these facilities.

The President instructed to conduct appropriate training of local authorities. Classes for chairmen of regional executive committees are already underway in Minsk. They will last for two days and include both theoretical and practical training.

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
During the drills we will focus on practical training. No wonder they say: "It is better to see once than to hear 100 times." Therefore, we will show the governors and the mayor of Minsk a number of issues that they will face in their fields.