Minsk records decrease in overall crime rate

Minsk records decrease in overall crime rate

Minsk has recorded a decrease in the overall crime rate, said yesteday Minsk city prosecutor Sergei Khmaruk. The number of thefts, robberies and crimes committed while intoxicated and by those under age has reduced.

By the way, Minsk is Belarus' only region where a positive trend is observed. 

However, experts note the growth of grave and especially grave crimes. In particular, attacks on life, corruption offenses and sales and distribution of drugs.

But thanks to the work of law enforcement bodies, in 2015 alone, about 100 kg of drugs were confiscated and about 20 online stores eliminated.

Sergei Khmaruk, prosecutor of Minsk:
We see almost a 20% increase in the number of crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking. The city recorded 64 murders, 39 people died. It's amazing. While figures suggest increase in the number of homicides, the number of victims has actually decreased. This is because we also take into account attempted murders.