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No flu epidemic expected in Belarus, health minister says

The situation with prices in Belarusian drugstores remains under control. The Belarus President, hearing out a report from the Minister of Health, urged not to leave this topic without attention in the future. Also, Alexander Lukashenko was informed about the situation with the flu.

Currently there are no preconditions for a flu epidemic in Belarus. The graying weeks, there has been a slight increase in the number of flu cases, which is a normal seasonal increase. Pharmacies in Belarus are ready too. Their range of meds includes both domestic and foreign products. This balance will not be broken. But, as emphasized by the President, the government will not tolerate unjustified overcharges.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus: 
I'm more interested in the current situation. I would like to hear about the objective situation in Belarus in connection with acute respiratory viral infection, influenza and so on. I was alarmed by the number of deaths in Russia. We are open to Russia in this respect, we are united in this regard with Russia, we have a single market. And people suffer from the same diseases. Since it is relatively quiet Belarus I would like to hear about the real situation. We have more than half of our own medications, but what are these drugs? Our manufacturers, especially in the trade, will try to slowly move prices. That is unacceptable. Of course, I'm not for driving pharmacies in losses.

Vasily Zharko, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
The situation on incidents of colds and the flu is stable. Even if you compare with the previous year, the current level is 10% lower than in the past year. We are not expecting an epidemic. In recent two weeks there has been little increase in the number of cases but there is nothing unusual.

The meeting officials also discussed the situation with a children's regional clinical hospital in Gomel. There were plans to either renovate the building or build a new one. But a concrete decision has not yet been made. The President instructed the minister to look into this question and get local authorities on its resolution.

Vasily Zharko, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
We have two options.  Either a new construction project or a building on this site plus renovation. We will determine the right way with the governor, and within two years the establishment should be fully prepared to provide medical care for children in the region.

President meets with Belarus' health minister