Belarus marks Day of Remembrance of fallen Afghan soldiers February 15

Belarus marks Day of Remembrance of fallen Afghan soldiers February 15

The day of remembrance of soldiers-internationalists (Afghan war soldiers) is celebrated on February 15 in Belarus. Exactly 27 years ago, Soviet troops left Afghanistan. This war lasted for more than 9 years, becoming the longest in the 20th century.

In the modern history it is often referred to as the first anti-terrorist operation. All in all, more than 30,000 Belarusians roamed the fire roads of Afghanistan, of whom 800 did not return home. Someone was killed and someone is still considered missing.

Commemorative events dedicated to this date will be held today, February 15, throughout the country. Flowers will be laid to the memorial in the Island of Courage and Sorrow in Minsk.

 в Беларуси День памяти воинов-интернационалистов

Vladimir Shokov, Chairman of the Board of the Minsk city organization of veterans of the war in Afghanistan "Memory":
On this day, I want to invite all the participants to not only commemorate the fallen with a minute of silence but also meet military friends who fought together, who served in Afghanistan. There are lots of cemeteries that we would like to visit, where our comrades lie. These are the North cemetery, the Chizhovsky cemetery, the Korolev Stan cemetery and many others.

Presidential congratulations

The Belarus President congratulated Afghan soldiers and veterans on the occasion of Remembrance Day. The message of congratulation reads:

"Alarm challenges of the modern day remind us of the values ​​of peace and attach increasing importance to preserving the memory of the courage and heroism of our soldiers. We will never forget the feat of veterans of local wars and conflicts, in which Belarusians took part. We will not allow Belarus being drawn into chaos and discord."

Memories of lost friends 

Sergei Popov, Afghan war soldier: 
The fallen guys are always in our memory. They are just not here today. But their presence is always felt, all of them are with us.

Border guards, infantry, aviation, military officers and rank and file soldiers - one date is for everyone. Some speak of their commanders thanks to whom they are today watching how quickly their grandchildren are growing. Others, however, can't stop recollecting that day when they lost their friends.

Valery Gaydukevich, Chairman of the Standing Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on national security:
I was a company commander. I keep thinking about the guys who are behind you. For whom you are responsible and who must be safely sent home.

Every war has its heroes.  Back then, solders in Afghanistan opposed nascent terrorism. In memory of those who fulfilled their military duty, the promenade along the Svisloch River in Minsk was renamed in honor of Afghan War soldiers.