Book fair in Minsk: 300 exhibitors from 29 countries

Book fair in Minsk: 300 exhibitors from 29 countries

A paradise for book lovers. These days, during the book about Belarusian singer Vladimir Mulyavin was among the popular at the international book fair. The book received the highest award of the Belarusian national contest "Art of the Book".

The book Triumph was authored by  Lyudmila Krushinskaya, the bibliographer of Belarusian maestro Mulyavin. She has worked on the book for several years. It includes stories of children and the widow of Vladimir Mulyavin and his friends. It includes nearly 800 old pictures and a few hundred pages. There is a chapter written by Mulyavin himself.

This smiling girl is a young Belarusian writer. Today she presents the trilogy "The other side of the mirror." She began to write it at 16. The book is about tender feelings and though it targets mostly teenagers, the first part showed that it will be appreciated by all who love or ever loved.

Ksenia Shtalenkova, author of "The other side of the mirror":
Usually, parents read it first. But before they even get the manuscript, there is absolutely incredible number of some hard deletions, self-censorship, you know... Probably the worst critic for yourself is you.

Arina Zraykovskaya:
This book is also very interesting. I don't read it but look at it. You have to look at it and you will see mountains of information inside.

Arina is not even a school student but she avidly reads a lot. Some books are in German. Germany is an annual exhibitor at the show. The country brought about 300 publications this year. The focus is on children's literature. Unsold books will then be delivered to school libraries in Grodno, Brest, Polotsk, and Zhlobin, as well as to libraries in several universities.

And this stand is the pinnacle of English Renaissance and the highest synthesis of traditions of pan-European Renaissance culture. William Shakespeare. The king of poets and the poet of kings. He has not been with us for four hundred years already but he still continues a dialogue with us, through the pages of his works.

The USA's stand is creatively decorated. At the entrance is the image of Barack Obama. For a selfie with it you can even win a gadget.

Rima Koyler, first secretary of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus:
We show that a library is not only the book. This is something that can be taken with your hands, something from which you can learn yourself or with a team of people. And our motto this year is "Read. Learn. Create. Innovate."

The 2016 international book fair in Minsk turned out amazing. 300 exhibitors from 29 countries. And another record is the number of exhibition days - 5.

This is the maximum number of days ever, on a par with the 2007 edition of the event. 2007.