Molodechno to become Belarusian Culture Capital in 2016

Molodechno to become Belarusian Culture Capital in 2016

It is not accidentally that Molodechno gained the title of the Capital of Culture in 2016. There are more than ten cultural institutions in the town. And the most important thing is that there are a lot of people with rich potential. They are talented, honored, popular, and exemplary.

In Molodechno, people care about talented and creative children from their kids’ early dats. In the culture center Rostok, professors not only reveal children’s abilities, but also develop them. Every day small talents learn theater, vocal, choreography, visual arts, and more than a dozen of creative directions. As a result, Belarus has more than fifty awards received at various festivals and competitions.

In the Molodechno center, people are proud of not least awards, but also numerous honorary titles. For example, this studio of small Bravo vocalists is called “exemplary”. Many Belarusian stars were lit here.

Teachers serve a good example for the pupils. They are the keepers of the Belarusian folk song and dance traditions.

Another pride and glory of Molodechno is the Musical College named after Oginski. Here the musicians are brought up for symphonic orchestras, opera singers and actors. As a result, the college raised up more than a dozen of honored national artists.

The Musical College named after Oginski can be called a “source of talents”. However, not only vocalists and musicians are brought up here, but also the public.

The college of Oginski is famous not only for musical talents. The department of arts and crafts has been working here for 15 years. Exhibitions of works of Oginski students are the confirmation of an honorary title of the town.

Molodechno is not only a place of talents education, but also a great platform for creative achievement. The town of sun has a good tradition to host different festivals and contests. Suffice it to say that the National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry “Molodechno” has already become familiar to everyone.

In 2016, Molodechno expects more cultural events. The 75th anniversary of Vladimir Mulyavin, the People’s Artist of the USSR, will be celebrated there.

Choral and vocal groups of brass music will take part in an open competition “Music of my soul”. Little dancers will compete for the Molodechno Cup once again. In 2016, the cultural capital will conduct more than a hundred of concerts, festivals, and contests.