Belarusian family to go to round-the-world tour on foot with baby

Belarusian family to go to round-the-world tour on foot with baby

The idea of going to a round-the-world tour on foot with a three-year-old child came to the father of a family living near Vitebsk. Alexander Zhukov, the master of sports in athletics, is still engaged in race walking. Moreover Alexander and his wife accustom their daughter Masha to a healthy lifestyle and family values ​​from an early age.

Alexander Zhukov, Luke village resident:
When I began to study at a sports school in a city, I went to a railway station on foot. That was 10 km per day in general.

In addition, 7 kilometers to the village school and 7km back. And it led me to the tittle of master of sports in athletics. The prizewinner and winner of the championships of the Soviet Union, Belarus, Ukraine gets his family to accustom to healthy lifestyle too. However, Elena hesitated before following her husband to the world’s end.

Elena Duka, Luki village resident:
At the beginning, I didn’t agree to go at all, because it was so hard for me. But then we were walking around the outskirts during six months, and I realized that it was really interesting.

Nowadays even 3-year-old Masha walks 3 km per day. Together with her parents she is going to overcome 25,000 km within 888 days.

Elena Duka, wife:
There are no any trip restrictions, if you feel all right. Masha has travelled since 6 months’ age.

In the family of keen travelers, suitcases are always packed - just in case. But they will go without luggage on this grand journey. Dad is responsible for comfort, while mom for health.

Elena Duka, Luke village resident:
Our main concept for our family is safety. In our medicine box we have the most necessary remedies.

The international family project officially starts in Japan on the Earth Day. The family will visit 28 countries on 5 continents.