Oldest Minsk citizen is 115. Secrets of longevity

Oldest Minsk citizen is 115. Secrets of longevity

Minsk region is a leader in the number of long-livers. There are almost 100 people in the central region of Belarus. The oldest is 115 years old now. Lonely elderly people are served by social workers and, if necessary, they can stay in dormitories and nursing homes for winter.

Sofia Petrovna is more than 90 years old, but woman is still a woman. Every day she wears a beautiful dress, keeps her figure and flirts with the camera crew. As she admits, the main secret of longevity is an active life.

Sofia Stasevich, Berezino resident:
Usually I watch TV, or sit on a bench, or walk. In the morning I cook for a day: soup, salads. I eat a lot of fruits: bananas, oranges, tangerines. Vitamins are necessary for aged people.

Sofia Petrovna can narrate different stories from her life for hours. The best listener is her social worker Tatiana.

Tatiana Grinevich, social worker:
We have worked with her for about 5 years. Our relations are very good. I always help her if she needs something: to go to the pharmacy for remedies, to prepare food, to wash the floor.

But Sofia Petrovna is satisfied with her life: neither social services nor health workers live her without attention. Money is enough not only for herself but also for the grandchildren.

Sofia Stasevich is not the only long-liver in Berezino region. People older 90 can always count on support and care.

Tatiana Shkel, inspector of Berezinsky Centre for Social Service of the Population:
Congratulation of the heroes of the day became a good tradition in our center. We congratulate everyone who is in our trusteeship on 90th, 95th, or the 100th anniversary. In 2015, we had 10 anniversaries. In 2016, we have already had 11 celebrations.