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1563 Bible presented at Belarus' National Art Museum

On February 11, in Minsk, historians and culture experts of Belarus and Lithuania presented unique exhibits. Documents and texts of archival sources were presented at the National Art Museum.

This was the first time such exhibits had been brought on public display. The main among them is of course the Bible of 1563.

Edita Lanzbergene, deputy director of the Biržai regional museum Sela (Lithuania):
Nicholas Radziwill Black published this Bible in Brest. When he died, his son converted to Catholicism, and he just destroyed these books. To preserve these books, people removed the title page so that it is not immediately seen that this is the Bible. And there are only several such books in the world.

All items at the exhibition are original. You can see things that witnessed the life of Belarus' great forefathers until the end of March 2016. Organizers say that this is only the beginning of international cooperation in the sphere of culture.

1563 Bible presented at Belarus' National Art Museum