President Lukashenko demands that Investigative Committee serve people, not statistics

President Lukashenko demands that Investigative Committee serve people, not statistics

How effectively are Belarus' law enforcement agencies working? According to the President, the answer to this question must be sought in society. Alexander Lukashenko, at the board of the Investigative Committee, advised the security forces to do everything necessary to improve its image among the population. And for this, they need to assess their work on a daily basis. The Belarus President also recommended the Committee to rely less on statistics in assessing performance. Other topics covered were the fight against corruption, economic crimes, and staff training.

The decree on the establishment of the Investigation Committee was signed by the President September 12, 2011. During this time, it investigated more than a dozen high-profile cases. There are more solved crimes now, with the number of unfound criminals decreased. In 2015, more than 54 thousand criminal cases were investigated.

The board meeting of the Investigative Committee has brought together more than a hundred representatives of the Committee from very different levels. 

There are 40% of cases on which investigation closes after 30 days or less, and the figure is growing. The Investigative Committee works together with the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.    

Every Belarusian remembers the sensational story with Ecomedservice when a girl died after rhinoplasty. Then it was found that the ventilator for a long time did not pass inspection, in violation of the established requirements. Or another example. The recent theft of property at a large machine-building holding. The Investigative Committee staff work in emergencies too. Suffice it to recall the recent tragedy in Borisov and Slutsk. Faulty gas appliances have become a cause of death.  

Alexander Lukashenko:
Statistics is the result of work. But many now think that the main thing is to make a good report. My aides will report to me how many severe murders or thefts you investigate here.
The main thing is the effectiveness of the Investigative Committee. But this effectiveness is measured not only by figures but by people. We need to be liked by people. Our own people should like us. How can the police be liked? If you show the public the facts and results of your response to people's complaints. We do not need show and races for good figures in reports. You must be like other people.  

Alexander Lukashenko:
The number of criminal cases should correspond to the number of crimes committed. Do not race for good reports. The task of yours is to consider each complaint or application and take measures: initiate a criminal case if needed, investigate and collect evidence and find those responsible.

Whatever it was, all the participants of the meeting noted that since the creation of the Investigation Committee the quality of the preliminary investigation in the country has improved. This is certainly a positive thing for crime detection. 

In 2010, Ministry of Internal Affairs investigators had an average of 80 criminal cases in work. With the creation of the Investigative Committee the number of cases became 45. Much work has been done in the fight against corruption and economic crimes.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The main focus should be on identifying and stopping crimes that undermine the foundations of the functioning of the Belarusian economy. There should be maximum compensation for the damage caused.  We cannot allow law enforcers to become an obstacle to the efficient operation of enterprises and improvement of the investment climate. We have taken all measures to ensure that the inspector, walking along the street, has no right to go into a stall and start to check it. This is unacceptable, since that inspector does not have a prescription. The main thing is the economy. We should not stifle entrepreneurs who feed the country in favor of some indicators. 
Still emphasis should be made on the fight against corruption. When investigating these criminal cases you need fundamental approach not only in matters of exposing criminals, but also identifying the prerequisites of this evil.

In the area of ​​pre-trial investigation Belarus also has its success. Very soon Belarus may join one of the largest forensic institutions network. Last week Minsk gathered around the table of negotiations leading criminologists of the Old World. The Investigative Committee has achieved good results in the field of serious crimes solving (almost 100%). However, work needs to be improved. For example, one should develop and put into practice new forms and methods of investigation.

Alexander Lukashenko:
First of all, we don't see visible analysis, management, legislative initiatives. There are enough smart people. You have a huge amount of information on many areas of our society. You should always initiate some changes or new laws on a routine basis.  

For now new young staff are training in the investigative and expert department of the Police Academy. Now the possibility of opening a specialized institution of the Investigative Committee is being under discussion.

Alexander Lukashenko:
An investigator should have some qualities from birth. Especially intuition. He must see through the man who sits in front of him: be it a criminal or a witness. We should seek for such people wherever possible, and then complete their education. Let it be so for now. Maybe we will later create some structure. We think about it.        

As a result, during more than two hours of conversation several decisions were made. Applications must be considered within a reasonable time, economic security of Belarus must be ensured and fight against corruption continued. One should not forget about crime prevention. And most importantly, the President said, statistics is less important than people's attitude to the state.