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Slavic Bazaar Festival's unique style developed in Vitebsk

The new logo of the festival Slavic Bazaar will be adorned by Belarusian ornament and flags of the participating countries. Virtually unchanged from year to year is the creative spelling style of the name of the forum and the symbol of the festival - a cornflower. 

However, other elements of the logo vary every year. These symbols are on outdoor advertising, videos, tickets, posters and souvenirs. This time, the basic colors is blue and all its shades - the same color as cornflower. The logo is now white, which means that the transition to a new level.

Daria Volkova, chief art designer of the centre of culture Vitebsk:
Glittering crystals, glittering balls with traditional Belarusian ornaments, balls with flags of the participating countries of the festival, with those who participated in the festival over 25 years are joined together to form a coherent whole: the planet of the festival, which is spinning in a clean and bright July sky, giving the joy of meeting with art to the participants and guests of the international forum.

The festival called Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk will be held in the second half of July 2016. Tickets for some concerts will go on sale in late February 2016.

Slavic Bazaar Festival's unique style developed in Vitebsk