Minsk mayor Andrei Shorets meets CTV staff

Minsk mayor Andrei Shorets meets CTV staff

Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee Andrei Shorets February 10 met with the staff of the CTV Channel. The future of the city and new joint projects were discussed in the historic studio. This is the studio from which 60 years ago Belarusian television started. But on February 10, the channel was talking with the mayor about the future - the future of Minsk and the TV channel.

For Andrei Shorets to be at a TV channel is like being behind the scenes. He was shown the mobile satellite station - the acquisition of the recent past, thanks to which the capabilities of the CTV channel expanded significantly. With the help of this equipment journalists go on the air directly from the scene. This station helped the CTV organize broadcast from the opening ceremony of the State Flag Square and the inauguration of the President.

Yuri Koziyatko, General Director of the Capital Television company:
This year we shoot the Televershina TV contest from the Palace of Sport. Accordingly, our mobile studio control room will be there.

The CTV celebrates the 15th anniversary in 2016. Capital Television was created as a city channel. Now it is a holding company of the national scale, which combines two television buttons and an Internet portal. But the Minsk City Executive Committee is still one of the most important founders of the company. And, judging by the conversation with the journalists and TV presenters, he is also attentive TV viewer and an active participant in the TV process.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
Officials need to communicate. I tell everyone that you need to talk to the press, to show yourself to the people. Then we will receive a smaller number of complaints. People will understand more. That is, we need to communicate.

In recent years, a lot of reports and projects on the life of the capital were aired. Some of them were made in the studio where the meeting took place.

Andrei Shorets asked how the CTV is living today and discussed with reporters new joint projects and answered questions. For example, one question related to a pedestrian street in Minsk: will it ever appear in Minsk. Such tourist area will be made in the Upper Town of Minsk.

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Andrei Shorets, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk Mayor):
We have decided to make Upper Town a place of attraction where events will be held constantly. Already, there is a definite plan. There are enough catering facilities there. Now we are trying to bring there tourists in some way.

Social projects are the priority of both city authorities and the CTV Channel. Most of the conversation related to that part. Minsk today is a great city with great potential and, of course, challenges must be solved together. The construction of kindergartens and swimming pools is among the main priorities.

Andrei Shorets, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk Mayor):
We will be building pools. We have this problem - small pools. We voiced this topic. Unfortunately, we conducted a tender and only Russians and Polish investors came. Their price of the pool was $3 million. We can build our pools that are twice cheaper. Kindergartens and pools. If we build a swimming pool in each area people will say thank you.

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The mayor thanked enterprising citizens of Minsk - those who are willing to improve somewhat their own apartment blocks or courtyards nearby. There are many such people in the capital today. It is they who will soon become the heroes of a new joint project, which is important for Minsk and Belarus as a whole. The project will be aired on the CTV Channel.