President Lukashenko asks Investigative Committee to root out corruption from the outset


President Lukashenko asks Investigative Committee to root out corruption from the outset

How effectively are Belarus' law enforcement agencies working? The answer to this question must be sought in society. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, at the board meeting of the Investigative Committee, advised to rely less on statistics when assessing the results of the Committee's work. 

At the same time, the President stressed that figures can reflect pecularities of work and can be used for the analysis of efficacy. Security forces must first of all do everything necessary to improve their image among ordinary people. And for this, they need to assess their work on a daily basis.

Alexander Lukashenko: 
The decision on the establishment of the Investigation Committee was correct and justified. You have improved performance of investigative work.  But we did it not for mere performance. This was done for people.
The main thing is the person, don't forget about that. You should try to do our best to support conscientious persons.
You say in practice how many criminal cases were filed correctly and how many were incorrect. And this style of work was proposed not by beginners but by senior investigators. It was maybe to create impression of good statistics. Such approaches are not allowed.
The number of criminal cases should match the number of crimes committed. It should not be based on a positive assessment. You should not proceed from this.
Your task is to address in due time each address, institute criminal proceedings without delay if there is really a crime, then investigate it and collect evidence and find those responsible.

The staffing issues are important for security forces. According to the President, it is necessary to pay more attention to these matters. High-quality selection of personnel determines the moral climate in teams. Equally important, one needs to eradicate corrupt practices at the outset. 

One of the options for strengthening the human resources capacity is the creation of a specialized university. The head of state also touched upon this matter addressing the Investigative Committee's employees.