Sports nutrition of Belarusian athletes


Sports nutrition of Belarusian athletes

The usage of sports nutrition dates back to antiquity, when participants of the Olympics were taking wine, hallucinogens and painkilling extracts from fungi and various herbs. Today these preparations, undoubtedly, would be forbidden.

The history of modern specialized sports nutrition began in the 90s, when the first protein bank descended from the conveyor in the suburb of Chicago.

Egor Kolesnik, correspondent:
I’m sure that all the fans are extremely curious about magic potion that Belarusian athletes drink during matches and bouts. This drink allows them to be faster, higher, and stronger.

Valery Savchenko, doctor of volleyball club Stroitel:
It’s a common physiology. When people do sports, they lose a certain amount of electrolytes. They also require additional intake of vitamins.

It’s convenient to store and to transport such vitamins. They are easy to prepare.

Valery Savchenko, doctor of volleyball club Stroitel:
You take an ordinary bottle of water and dissolve there 2 or 3 tablets. Because they drink a lot of it. These vitamins are soluble in water, and overdoses can’t be caused when you give it once.

You should be attentive with all these additives. As it often happens, demand for cheap products leads to low-quality offers which can be perceived as a normal nutrition if contain “aggressive’’ advertising, but their benefit is comparable with the use of zirconia bracelets.

The above-described additives have only a secondary importance. The priority is rational nutrition. Sharp, fat, smoked, and salted dishes are excluded as well as seeds.

Athletes can’t be overfed before the game. They have a tight dinner four hours prior the beginning of the match. The most convenient way to be in good shape during the match is to eat bananas, which fill up the level of potassium.

What can be said about the athletes who think that a proper diet is important as well as grueling trainings?

Belarusian powerlifter Dmitry Vinokurov has a meal 5-6 times a day during the competition period. This is useful not only for athletes, but also for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Dmitry Vinokurov, record holder and powerlifting champion of the Republic of Belarus:
I can allow myself to eat pizza once a week. Besides, I can go to McDonald’s sometimes. Everything is allowed.

Dmitry, who weighs more than 100 kg, is required to maintain his weight. He needs protein for this.

One more subtlety is the use of amino acids. Without them Dmitry Vinokurov couldn’t get a sufficient amount of necessary substances from ordinary food and would have to eat like a glutton.

It’s not easy to look like Heracles, because such nutrition is very expensive.

Dmitry Vinokurov, record holder and powerlifting champion of the Republic of Belarus:
Each goal is justified. Powerlifting in Belarus is developing at the moment. Perhaps, in 4-8 years it will be included into the Olympic system. Therefore, my investments will justify themselves in the future.

Let’s draw a curious parallel. Fragile girls are engaged in powerlifting. They lift weights which are several times their own weight.

And what is eaten by Belarusian girls for whom harmony and grace are the key to success?

Yuliya Bichun-Komarova, coach of Belarusian national team in rhythmic gymnastics:
Breakfast should be rich. It’s desirable to refuse from sweets, but some athletes, of course, can’t do without it. That’s why everything can be included. Dinner must be good enough too. It can contain meat and vegetables. Supper should be light.

So, the gymnasts eat like everyone, but try to limit themselves. They try to do without supper or dinner and instead of it they eat salad, fruit, or drink yoghurt or kefir.

But we know how girls are indifferent to flowers and sweets.

Yuliya Bichun-Komarova, coach of Belarusian national team in rhythmic gymnastics:
Of course, no one will eat the whole cake. You can eat a dessert, a piece of cake, a piece of chocolate. No one will eat the whole, because it’s forbidden.

And how much important is tea for Belarusian athletes? Together with Belarusian volleyball players Vadim Pronko and Rodion Miskevich we figured out how tea can be useful for professional athletes.

First of all, tea invigorates and accelerates blood circulation acting like a kind of doping. But you can get “tea intoxication” if you drink it too much.

Green tea doesn’t allow getting sunburns, therefore it will be useful for athletes who spend long hours outdoors.

After our meeting Vadim Pronko and Rodion Miskevich promised that they will tell their team mates about the wisdom of the ancient eastern tradition.

So, we came to the conclusion that for some people proper nutrition helps to gain muscle mass, but for others it helps to lose weight or to keep their body in shape. Despite the different approaches, they all have a goal to win!