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US Charge d'Affairs travels Belarus photographing birds

Belarus under the white wings. The US Charge d'Affairs to Belarus, Scott Rauland, visited the different parts of our country photographing birds. His collection now includes almost 200 species of birds Belarus from different parts from the Bialowieza Forest to the Naroch lakes.

The diplomat is the most impressed with storks and cranes. The US Embassy in Minsk has gathered the best images in the calendar.

Scott Rauland, US Charge d'Affaires in Belarus:
There are cranes on the cover of this calendar. They are gray and white, this is also a symbol. We know that they are here only in the summer. They come in spring and leave in September. This shows that one needs to appreciate what is really beautiful.

By the way, Scott Rauland is going to have another expedition, during which he will try to take pictures of the Belarusian pelican.

US Charge d'Affairs in Belarus travels the country photographing birds