Corruption scandal at BelAZ: $1 million missing

Corruption scandal at BelAZ: $1 million missing

A theft of the century has been disclosed at Belarusian Automobile Plant (BelAZ). After 2015, the local staff found out that $1 million was missing. The criminals have created a real conveyor for removal and resale of parts of the world famous truck.

Some parts weigh more than 800kg. So they had to use lifting equipment, work only at night and on weekends and rent trucks for transportation.

They even established their own "protection group", which accompanied the stolen things all the time.

Veronika Posmetyeva, senior operations officer for particularly important cases, Main Office for Combating Economic Crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus:
The criminal group included both former and current BelAZ workers, including material and responsible persons. The protection group organized posts with video surveillance with a visibility of up to 2 kilometers, used radio and mobile phone communication and constantly changed SIM cards.

In total, nine people were detained. Five of them are the workers of the plant. Criminals actively resisted and tried to hide from law enforcement officers ramming a police car. Almaz officers had to use firearms during the arrest.

The channels of distribution and legalization of stolen goods have already been established. To this end those arrested could use bogus documents.

It also became known that the director of BelAZ's structural unit involved has already been dismissed.

Tatiana Belonog, control inspector of the Investigative Committee of Belarus for the Minsk region:
The defendants' actions fall under article 205, part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus - especially large-scale theft committed by a group of people.The maximum possible penalty is 12-year imprisonment.