Molodechno now official cultural capital of Belarus

Molodechno now official cultural capital of Belarus

Today, February 5, Molodechno will officially acquire the status of the cultural capital of Belarus. A concert of Brest masters of stage will take place in the city that before was the cultural capital of the Minsk region.

Here, dozens of institutions operate, which preserve and multiply spiritual heritage.  

Vasily Chernik, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
This year, there will be a lot of anniversaries for Belarus to celebrate. As you know, we will be celebrating in the coming years anniversaries associated with Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas, prominent Belarusian writers. This year, we will celebrate the anniversary of Maxim Bogdanovich. All these events will take place in the town of Molodechno, which is now on a par with previous cultural capitals of Belarus. I am convinced that Molodechno will go down in history as one of those towns that will be remembered as a truly cultural capital of Belarus, especially in the Year of Culture.

Molodechno has repeatedly tried to get the status of the cultural capital. Molodechno, in different times, was praised by Michael Cleophas Oginski and Yanka Kupala. 

Now the town, home to about 100,000 people, is famous for bright creative teams. Many of them bear the titles of distinguished and popular bands. The National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry has been held in Molodechno since 1993.

The fact that Molodechno will become Belarus' seventh cultural capital was known from the end of October 2015.

The town has a long history, with the first information about it dating back to the 14th century. The Zaslavsky princes, Oginsky and the Sapiehas rules here. Historian Natalia talks about a galaxy of famous countrymen.

Natalia Poltavets, deputy director for scientific work of the Minsk Regional Museum:
We always mention the name of Symon Budny, who lived here in the Middle Ages. It is even suspected that his famous Bible, some of its parts, was written in Molodechno.

What town can boast the title of an opera center? After the 1917 revolution, no one except for the Minsk opera dared to organize in opera performances because one needed a symphony orchestra and choir singers at least. Molodechno has always had this all. Today, the Town of the Sun has more than 15 cultural and art institutions.

Molodechno gave Belarus 30 people who bear the titles of Distinguished Artists and People's Artists.

Vladimir Yatsinovich, director of the Children's Art School of Molodechno:
This year, we opened a pop music branch, which is extremely popular among our people. I am very glad that art is popular with our citizens.

5 февраля Молодечно официально обрел статус культурной столицы Беларуси
Molodechno is the cultural capital of Belarus, the banner reads

Craft business is a famous trade in Molodechno being a key part of local festivals. Molodechno, by the way, has been unofficially renamed the festival town. One of the most popular events here is the grand celebration of Belarusian Song and Poetry.

Natalia Kochanova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Here, there are so many creative teams, creative people, who can deal with issues of culture, health, and education. So, of course, the relationship between Minsk (the capital) and republican and regional authorities must be in place.

The cultural capital has been chosen in Belarus since 2010. Polotsk, Gomel, Nesvizh, Mogilev, Grodno, Brest and now Molodechno have been cultural capitals over this time.