CSTO to work out unified strategy to combat illegal migration


CSTO to work out unified strategy to combat illegal migration

A unified strategy to combat illegal migrants will be developed by the CSTO countries. This decision was made by the Coordinating Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization at a meeting in Minsk.

The system of data exchange will be changed. It will become regular, which will enhance the efficiency of the analysis of the current migration situation as well as help predict the number of visitors from third countries.

The CSTO plans a set of special measures to combat illegal immigration.

Nikolai Bordyuzha, CSTO Secretary General:
The situation in which we are working in changing. Of course, we must build the whole system of the legislature in line with these conditions. In addition, we are talking about the carrying out of several special operations. Today we will discuss the plans of these operations. They focus primarily on countering criminal activity in the field of illegal migration. We want to reveal organized criminal groups that operate in the field of human trafficking.           

In Belarus, law enforcement officers initiated 81 criminal proceedings related to illegal migration in 2015. 

There has been an increase in the number of arrests of organized groups who illegally tried to get into the European Union through Belarus.

Soon, Belarus will adopt a law that will allow the country to work in more detail with foreign citizens, especially those who are planning to come to the country with criminal intents.

Nikolai Melchenko, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
These are activities that will enable us to work with foreign citizens in a more detailed way, especially with those who are planning to visit our country with bad intentions. We are talking about fingerprinting, accelerating and simplifying of certain procedures, and other measures that will allow us to control the flow of illegal migration.