Cancer mortality rate in Belarus drops 12% in 2011-2015

Cancer mortality rate in Belarus drops 12% in 2011-2015

In the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, Belarusian oncologists have reached the level of the world's leaders in this area. This issue is still relevant for Belarus: 270,000 patients are registered throughout the country. However, today - on World Cancer Day - doctors state that cancer mortality in Belarus has decreased by 12% over the past five years. Such success has been achieved thanks to modern equipment and the introduction of new methods of treatment.

Medic by training, she had always looked after her health. But cancer does not choose. At 39, Victoria was diagnosed with breast tumor. Her bright happy life turned out to be very different. But she admits that she quickly realized that everything is not so bad. Six months ago Victoria was successfully operated, and she returns to the hospital today for the planned breast reconstruction. 

When I learned about the diagnosis, there were only tears. I have kids, who will they stay with? Such thoughts came to me. But then, I realized that this is not the end. The first stage, it's not so bad.

Early cancer diagnosis is 99% of success. It has been proved that persons with the first and the second cancer stage can be cured. The main thing is to diagnose a person in time. Today there are 4 screening programs in Belarus: for prostate, breast, cervical and bowel cancer. Meanwhile, the whole world is noting the growth in the number of cancer cases, and Belarus is no exception. 

Alexander Gadyshev, head of cancer surgery department No1, Minsk City Clinical Oncology Dispensary:
For oncological pathology, an important indicator is one-year mortality rate, 5-year survival rate and 10-year survival rate. We are also seeing positive aspects, that is, we have a growing 5-year and 10-year survival rate. And the percentage of one-year mortality is reducing.

In the hands of doctors today is advanced equipment, latest technology and treatment methods.

Valentina Zheleznaya, CTV:
Here is the latest weapon of Belarusian oncologists. This unit of beam diagnostics is the only one in the CIS. Its exterior design is impressive, but the heart of the machine strikes most. In terms of engineering design it is not inferior to a spacecraft.

Director of the Minsk City Oncology Center proudly talks about the capabilities of the device. Its preset programs allow affecting the affected areas with a jeweler's precision, almost without damaging healthy tissues.

Vladimir Karanik, chief doctor of the Minsk City Clinical Oncology Dispensary:
We faced with the fact that patients who have been treated for cancer, particularly of the left breast, have a higher risk of heart problems due to the fact that their heart is in the irradiation zone. To date the method is that irradiation turns on when one breathes in. A lung is straightened, it pushes the heart and it comes out of the irradiation zone. Accordingly, this method allows virtually reducing to zero the risk of cardiac problems in women 10-15 years after the completion of treatment.