Belarus may join European Network of Forensic Science Institutes

Belarus may join European Network of Forensic Science Institutes

Criminalists from Belgium, Britain, Germany, Estonia and the Netherlands have arrived in Minsk. They all represent companies that are part of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). This is the main organization of its kind in the Old World, which brings together 64 expert institutions from 36 European countries.

During the meeting the participants discussed cooperation and shared experience.

Alexander Tarasov, member of the Institute of Advanced Training of the State Committee of Forensic Examination of the Republic of Belarus:
The seminars are invaluable for the development of the Institute of Forensic Examinations in the Republic of Belarus of any kind - technical, medical. This is so because European representatives share with us their best practices.
I believe that such meetings are of great potential. And, above all, it is our country and our bodies who should be interested in them.

ENFSI Chairman, Jan De Kinder, was shown forensic laboratories and then he visited the Scientific and Practical Center of the State Committee of Forensic Examinations. The foreign guest got familiar with methods of study of drugs and flammable materials.

Jan De Kinder, ENFSI chairman, Director General of the National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology (Belgium):
I was shown a few laboratories. And I'm impressed by what I saw. Minsk has recently taken steps to improve the quality of forensic examinations. I'm sure you have something to show the world. In the future, we will work in a more united way.

Andrei Shved, head of State Forensic Examination Committee:
Forensics cannot develop within the framework of only one state. Achievements in the field of criminology, forensics, and in general science forensics is global knowledge, as a rule. And it is very important that we don't lose the pace of further development. And we should now focus on improving the quality of expert opinions.