300 Belarusian paratroopers to land at North Pole


300 Belarusian paratroopers to land at North Pole

Belarusian paratroopers have landed at the North Pole. The operation is planned in the framework of joint exercise with the Russian airborne troops. 

The units will then undergo an intensive phase of preparation for landing on drifting ice in difficult weather conditions.

Belarusian soldiers landed by parachute on the North Pole for the first time in 2015.  Together with colleagues they practiced actions in extreme conditions with the aim to find and assist those in trouble.

Vladislav Stepanyuk, Deputy Commander of the Special Operations Forces on Airborne Training of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
Last year, 45 people took part, they landed on parachutes. This year we plan to involve 300 people, who will be transported by several planes IL-76. There are many issues still to be resolved since it is the North Pole, you know... Note that the magnetic needle on the compass does not behave in the same way as in our part of the Earth. So we need to take many things into account.