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Valyantsin Byalkevich memorial match held in Minsk

Gennady Tumilovich, former player of the Belarusian national football team:
Such people should be remembered forever. I think it would be impossible to forget Valyantsin.

Maksim Shatskikh, former player of Dynamo Kyiv:
In one word, he was the life and soul of the party.

Maksim Romashchenko, former player of the Belarusian national football team:
He’s a Footballer with a capital “F”.

Valyantsin Byalkevich was sure that kind of a person. And that’s not an exaggeration of some kind, coming from journalists, or people’s false impression. That is the opinion of his friends who were side by side with him on the football field as well as outside it.

After 1995, when he became the Belarusian Footballer of the Year, he got to another level.  Soon afterwards, he started to play for Dynamo Kyiv.

Maksim Romaschenko, former player of the Belarusian  national football team:
He was a leader in every possible sense. He had high moral values, great physical abilities and human qualities.

For the first two years, the midfielder had to play in the reserves. However, the come-back of great coach Valeriy Lobanovskyi to Dynamo was the beginning of the Renaissance era for Byalkevich. The names of Shevchenko, Rebrov and Byalkevich became famous not only in former Soviet countries but also in the Old World.

Maksim Shatskikh, former player of Dynamo Kyiv:
He could make conversations about any topic. He was smart and intelligent, that is why we were never bored together.

Even now, when the financial abilities of FC Shakhtar Donetsk are quite great, there isn’t anybody who will deny Valyantsin Byalkevich being the greatest football player in the Ukrainian Championship’s history.

Byalkevich was known for his gentleman behavior on the field and also after the end of a game. According to his close friends, he didn’t have any enemies, he forgave everything and everybody.

Maksim Shatskikh, former player of Dynamo Kyiv:
He was very calm, he was never aggressive, he never shouted, shoved, or quarreled. He was trying to do everything in silence.

Valiantsin Byalkevich was one of the greatest football players of the Belarusian national team. He was one of the team leaders during the qualification rounds for the 2002 World Cup.

Being in Ukraine, he was feeling at home, but he never forgot his motherland.

After finishing his career as a professional football player, Byalkevich started to train Dynamo Kyiv youth. He went to Ajax Amsterdam to gain experience, however he couldn’t manage to share that knowledge with others.

People started talking about the match dedicated to Byalkevich last year. And we should thank people who kept their promises.

Gennady Tumilovich, former player of the Belarusian national football team:
He didn’t talk too much, but he showed everything what he was capable of on the field. He didn’t need to talk. He was a leader anyway. You could see all he was capable of on the field. So actually, there’s nothing more to add.

A memorial plaque of Byalkevich has been recently unveiled in Minsk, largely thanks to FC BATE financial assistance. A memorial match was also organized afterward.

Nikolay Byalkevich, father of Valiantsin Byalkevich:
Firstly, I’m already glad that this match was organized. Many spectators came to this football match, which says that his name means something not only to other football players, but for spectators as well, who visited his matches. That means that people remember him, which is very important.

The match dedicated to Byalkevich was full of touching moments. There were parents, friends, and fans among the spectators. People had their children wear T-shirts with number eight. Byalkevich was very attached to this number. It was a symbol of eternity for him.

Dynamo Kyiv and Dynamo Minsk tied the game. The winner was friendship and memory of the legendary footballer and person Valiantsin Byalkevich.

Memorial match in Minsk