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Belarus to increase effectiveness of combating tax evasion

Pseudo-entrepreneurship and tax evasion make up almost half of crimes identified by financial investigations bodies. The effectiveness of combating such offenses will increase thanks to decree No14. It will come into force in April. 

According to the document, after the disclosure of the activities of a pseudo-entrepreneurial structure, financial investigation bodies will identify businesses that used their services. They will be asked to pay the missing taxes.

Igor Marshalov, Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus - Director of the Department of Financial Investigations:
In this case, the company will be exempt from administrative punishment, which currently stands at 20%. But a company has an opportunity to disagree with the decision of financial investigation bodies. In this case, the check will be carried out in the normal manner, in accordance with the payment of penalties and imposition of administrative or criminal liability.
I think this is a good offer for those who stumble.                     

Over three years, financial investigation bodies have revealed more than a thousand pseudo-entrepreneurial structures. Over 8 thousand companies turned to their services in order to reduce the amount of taxes. Last year alone such pseudo-entrepreneurial structures underpaid more than BYR600 billion to the budget.

Belarus to increase effectiveness of combating tax evasion