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Belarus Academy of Public Administration celebrates its 25th anniversary

A new face of the global economy demands new approaches to training top managers. The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus is ready to meet this challenge. The institution marked its silver jubilee on January 29. In fact, the Academy is a peculiar one in Belarusian high education system.

Former pupils and successful ministers learn side by side here. This is a perfect example of the saying "live and learn".

One may still enjoy their carefree youth at 25, while another would have a whole life behind them. And the Academy of Public Administration has successfully gone through a number of tests during this period. It has earned the reputation of Belarus’ most elite university. Now it enjoys a special status "under the aegis of the President". Finally, it has become a manager training unit. Tens of thousands of its graduates represent the Belarusian authorities today. They are ministers, deputies, governors and diplomats, chairpersons of city and district executive committees. These people make the history.

Marat Zhylinski, rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President:
Governing authorities of today have proved their efficiency. A free and sovereign Belarus is the only post-Soviet country where no blood was shed.

The Academy's Institute of Civil Service is the higher school of elite managers. Heads of departments as well as deputy ministers study here. Three rectors graduated from the university in 2015. Once again it proves: no one is born a manager, you should become one.

Sergei Shauruk, Vice-Rector on Studies - the Director of the Institute of Civil Service:
A manager needs a training to be successful and to reach the top of his career. All of our students are equal; we don't discriminate on the grounds of a job title. They only need to be diligent.

The 25-year history of the Academy is on the shelves of its archive. There are orders, minutes, and personal records, the most interesting facts about each graduate.

The whole career ladder of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection is described in his profile. Andrey Kovkhuto graduated from the Institute of Civil Service 10 years ago. 

He was deputy director of the Geology Department then. But he was quickly promoted after the Academy.

Today, he is nostalgic about the good old days. He remembers how he burned the midnight oil preparing reports, rewriting lecture notes and visiting the library. By the way, the minister graduated with honours. But it isn't a piece of cake to be an excellent student.

Andrei Kovkhuto, Minister of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
The diploma ceremony was very solemn. We were happy with successfully passing this stage. We've got a lot of knowledge. Without doubt, the university pays off.

A number of the CTV staff have also studied in the Academy of Public Administration and graduated from there.

Irina Martyanova is already a senior manager in the CTV company. The Academy gives her an impetus to develop.

Irina Martyanova, Deputy Director of the Directorate of Information Broadcasting of the CTV, student of the Institute of Civil Service:
You live and learn, they say. As for me, I just started to learn governance. I know I make a lot of mistakes. But I hope the Academy will guide me.

Evgeny Gorin, political commentator and anchor of the CTV, graduated from the Institute of Civil Service 2 years ago. He puts knowledge in the flow of work.

Evgeny Gorin, political commentator and anchor of the CTV, graduate of the Institute of Civil Service:
When I studied, I also hit upon ideas of new subjects for TV programs. I found interesting materials in my former lecture notes. Thanks to them, I was able to look at the situation from another perspective.

Everybody can learn to accept the challenges of the changing society skilfully. To this end, the Institute staff implements advanced techniques, valuable experience and knowledge.

Yesterday's students can become university teachers tomorrow. Members of the Government, ambassadors and deputies also lecture at the Academy. The teaching process is very flexible. Political documents and legislative acts become part of the program after they've been adopted.

But theory isn't enough. The students work out possible scenarios of productive management, reveal and correct weaknesses, acquire governance skills at the Centre of Situational Modelling.  Every student has to take a special test.

Natalia Dubinko, head of the psychology department of the Institute of Civil Service:
Time management problems are the most common ones. The students work 24 hours and then they can make decisions within strict time limits. 

The 25th anniversary is the time to make further plans as well as to draw conclusions. The Academy will continue to improve itself and to prepare the competent government staff.

Belarus Academy of Public Administration