How much can Belarus earn on milk exports?

How much can Belarus earn on milk exports?

Against the backdrop of a steep peak price of "black gold", "white gold" prices are, on the contrary, growing. For Belarus, milk and dairy products are one of the main export items. 

The taste of Belarusian milk is known not only in the Ministry of Agriculture, but also all around the world. 

Belarus accounts for about 5% of world exports of milk exporting diary produce to 52 countries. In 2015, Belarus entered the markets of Niger, Syria and even the Philippines. Next plans are to expand into Vietnam.

Aleksey Bogdanov, Director General of the Foreign Economic Relations Office, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
We supply baby food to Pakistan. This is a great recognition because baby food is a specific product and strict requirements are applied in this area.

On average, one Belarusian consumes around 100 kilograms of dairy products a year. Belarusians like milk the most, followed by a well-known kefir (a sour-tasting drink make from cow's milk fermented with certain bacteria).  

In Vietnam and Japan, dairy products are sweeter. However, cheeses are rare in those lands. This is too expensive for locals. Another thing is Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Those countries buy so much Belarusian cheese that 20-ton trucks are needed to carry this product.

In 2016, Belarus plans to produce more than 9 million tons of milk. That is, one ton for every Belarusian. Experts note that the increase in well-founded: as long as oil is cheaper than milk, the situation may change dramatically. Then white gold will replace black gold in the market.