Vehicle recycling duty increases in Belarus

Vehicle recycling duty increases in Belarus

Belarus has increased the rate of recycling duty. The relevant Council of Ministers decree will come into force on February 4.

When importing transport from Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member countries, fees for legal entities are up more than 1.5 times, payment for individuals rose more than 8 times. 

Gennady Svidersky, Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus:
When exporting vehicles from the countries of the Common Economic Space now both legal entities and individuals will pay an equal recycling duty. We were asked by dealers that both individuals who import a vehicle and legal entities have the same conditions. Now this issue in the framework of the EEU is resolved. All of this is done to form environmental funds and to recycle vehicles properly after their life is over.

When importing a car that is not older than three years, and which engine capacity is 1,000-2,000 cm3, the fee amount is now slightly more than 13 million rubles. If the engine is 2,000-3,000 cm3 you (with the same release year), you will have to pay about 25 million.

Tariffs are now registered in the Belarusian national currency. Previously, they were paid in Belarusian rubles, but the rate was estimated in Russian currency. The previous recycling duty rules were in force in Belarus from March 2014. The government's resolution took into account the previous experience. Requirements for the import of humanitarian aid changed. Previously, in order to obtain an exemption from duty collection it was necessary to collect a number of individual documents.

Now humanitarian aid carriers will not have to pay the fee. The recycling duty is also paid in other countries of the EEU, Russia and Kazakhstan. The changes will help to protect the economic interests of individuals and dealer centers of Belarus, as well as reduce the hidden outflow of currency abroad.