Military industry in Belarus: overview of unique technologies by domestic producers


Military industry in Belarus: overview of unique technologies by domestic producers

The recently launched Belarusian satellite Belintersat-1 has made contact with Stankovo. Here, 40 kilometers from Minsk, there is a domestic flight control center. This important project, which Belarus is implementing together with Chinese partners, also has export value. Belarus will sell abroad communication services that we can provide with the help of the spacecraft.

Back in the 90s, Belarus was selling only very cheap old Soviet weapons. Now, according to the Stockholm International Institute, our country is in the top 20 largest exporters of arms. The Soviet legacy has been put in order and turned it into a modern defense industry. Today the State Military and Industrial Committee made another symbolic step forward.

Defense companies without too much pathos produce unique machinery. A commander's tablet table with a long diagonal. Or a monitor for harsh environments. It can withstand an instantaneous overload of 500G.

Sergei Gashkov, head of design room Display :
500G is the blow that occurs when a shell hits a tank. In Zhukovsky, we showed it.

The developments of radiation safety are of global scale. Belarus receives orders for monitoring instruments to be used during important international events, such as the Olympic Games or the World Cups.

Valery Kozhemyakin, director of research and production unitary enterprise Atomtekh:
The equipment in essence controls the safe conduct of such activities. These are almost all FIFA World Cups, all Olympic sports, including even the world hockey championship, which Minsk hosted.

This is the novelty of the design bureau Radar. It specifies the coordinates of any location and misleads the enemy's equipment, easily knocking off course drones.

Sergei Zhibul, head of electronic warfare department, Radar:
We can do whatever we want with the enemy. We can lead his equipment away from the point where it is located or just drop it on the ground, changing the height.

Almost half of the companies that work for the defense industry of the country are private.   Alexander Lukashenko has recently visited one of such enterprises. He was shown there the electronic warfare vehicle Kiwi. Next to it is Mosquito. It is indispensable in special operations. Light, armored and fast, it proven well in tests in the Sahara.

The satellite Belintersat-1 has already established contact with the management complex Stankovo. The signal covers all of the Eastern Hemisphere. Thus, Belarus has entered the global telecommunications market.

Sergei Gurulev, Chairman of the State Military and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
All the required adjustments have been made, antennas and solar panels are open and the satellite is functioning without problems.