Downhill skiing, snowboarding sports complex opens in Grodno


Downhill skiing, snowboarding sports complex opens in Grodno

As an alternative to European ski resorts, a sports complex with numerous routes of any level of difficulty opened in Grodno. An artificial hill was facilitated with a ski lift mechanism, a lot of equipment was acquired and now the sports complex is welcoming both amateur skiers and professionals.

But first of all, you should study the guidelines for use of a snowboard, then read the security advisory, and only after that you are allowed to get to the top of the hill.

Downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing. Thanks to the new sport complex, Grodno residents could enjoy all the amenities of a ski resort.

Alena Ashkevich, Grodno resident:
I think the place is amazing. The hill is not too steep, though. So it probably suits more for beginners than professionals.

However, the route is a bit trickier than it seems. That’s why instructors are helping holiday-makers a lot.

Pavel Pas, snowboard instructor of the sports complex Olymp:
As many as 70% of holiday-makers try downhill skiing or snowboarding either for the first time or it’s their first season. That’s why there are a lot of beginners here.

The sports complex isn’t fully functioning yet. Some surprises are being prepared for professional downhill skiers.

Viktor Shumel, head of the sports complex Olymp:
At the moment, there are two skiing routes. The second one has opened just this week specifically for amateurs. But we are also planning to open the route for professionals, the sports slope.

People can chill here from dusk to dawn. The sports complex is expected to work during the whole winter. Even snow break doesn’t pose any threat, because the sports complex is ready for any unexpected situations. For instance, if there is a lack of snow, snow cannons will change the situation. Four snow cannons can produce 60 m3 of snow. It takes just a bit more than 24 hours to make the route ready for skiing.

The infrastructure is gradually expanding. It is planned to open a café and some gift shops here. As a result, the sports complex will become a real tourist attraction.