Insights into work of Minsk National Airport customs

Insights into work of Minsk National Airport customs

Illegally imported dollars in the amount of 1.5 million, drugs and rare coins of the Russian Empire were seized by the customs officers of the Minsk National Airport.  The CTV’s crew managed to gain insights into the work of the customs control.  The crew’s members tried putting themselves in customs officers’ shoes, while the officers were acting as smugglers.

An airport is a highly safe place, with a lot of safety measures applying. Dozens of planes carrying hundreds of passengers on board depart from the airport and return here. And obviously, not empty-handed.  This is a baggage claim area. The airport has a “green” and “red” corridor system for declaring personal goods at customs. Thus, if you have a sum of money that does not exceed 10,000 USD, or your luggage weighs less than 35kg, you’re given the “green” light. Otherwise you should go through the “red” corridor. The journalists were able to fill in an E-declaration and a paper one and to carry out the inspection.

This is an X-ray machine that allows screening luggage without unpacking it. If the customs officer sees something suspicious on the screen, he has a right to open the luggage and search it. Cynologists would come right away, if needed.

And here comes the most interesting part. The journalists were suspicious of every single item: bottles, hats and even marshmallows. By the way, it was a good guess, because marshmallows contain banned substance.

Anyway, that was a great experience for the CTV’s crew.