Belarus President calls on UK to overcome 'psychological barrier' in relations


Belarus President calls on UK to overcome 'psychological barrier' in relations

Belarus is ready to consider any new ideas, projects and initiatives on the part of foreign embassies, said January 25 the President receiving credentials from ambassadors of 10 countries: Austria, the UK, Albania, India, Venezuela, Peru, South Africa, Sierra Leone, the Democratic People's Republic and Switzerland.

Belarus' foreign policy has a multi-vector nature. The country has a fruitful dialogue with the neighboring countries and is developing relations with the European Union. Eurasian integration creates additional incentives for mutually beneficial partnership.

And, as was noted by Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus is interested in the expansion of foreign trade and economic relations. This means new partners and new markets in order to diversify Belarusian exports.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Dynamic and positive relations with the Republic of Austria meet the national interests of Belarus. I hope that the opening of the embassy in Minsk will give a significant impetus to the mutually beneficial contacts in trade, economic, credit and investment spheres.
We look forward to intensifying relations with the UK. We must overcome a psychological barrier in our relationship and look at each other, maybe with new eyes, and find the positive ways in which we could work together.
Despite the steadily developing contacts with the Swiss Confederation, there is a huge untapped potential for economic cooperation, which requires extra effort.
With Albania, we are ready to cooperate actively not only in the spheres of culture, science and education, but also in industry and agriculture. The establishment of cooperation between the business circles of our countries could be promising.
Welcoming the new Indian Ambassador, I am confident in the further strengthening of bilateral relations. I appreciate the high productivity of the recent visit of the President of India to Belarus.
The development of comprehensive relations with Venezuela is one of the priorities of our foreign policy in Latin America. In order to further strengthen bilateral cooperation Belarus is ready to accept a visit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as we agreed during a meeting in Moscow in May 2015.
We consider Peru a promising partner in South America. Peruvian consumers have known Belarusian machinery well since Soviet times.
Belarus is effectively developing cooperation with the countries of southern Africa, primarily South Africa. We are implementing a number of promising projects. Once again I want to reiterate our invitation to the President of South Africa to visit the Republic of Belarus together with the business community, government officials of South Africa in order to explore the possibilities of our country.
For us, it is important to find new partners in Africa. And I am sure that the presence here of the Sierra Leone Ambassador will fully contribute to the development potential of the bilateral cooperation.
Accepting the credentials of the Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea I confirm Belarus' focus on the development of the warmest, closest and mutually beneficial relations with the DPRK in all fields.