Alexander Lukashenko: No direct military threat to Belarus now


Alexander Lukashenko: No direct military threat to Belarus now

A new draft military doctrine was discussed at a meeting with the Belarus President on January 22. This is a mandatory document for any state in which it spells out the official position regarding security and armed protection. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Belarus will continue to adhere to the policy of peace, but the difficult situation in the world makes the country "keep powder dry."

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:
Any nation, especially our nation, has always had something to reproach their authorities for. I emphasize again: these reproaches will always be in place.    But with the passage of time some of these claims will be gone.  But the people will not forgive us if we do not give it security and not defend the sovereignty and independence of the country.   Therefore, if there is the last ruble in the budget or in the pocket of the state, then it should be spent on the security of our people, a safe life of this nation. This is the most important thing.  The most eloquent example is our brotherly Ukraine.  Everyone there is dreaming of only one thing - peace. So we need to keep the peace in our land, ensure the safety of life of our people and protect that piece of land that we inherited.

The military doctrine of Belarus has always been defensive. Since independence, the numbers in the Belarusian army have been greatly optimized. They fell from a quarter million to 65,000 people. Experts regard this figure as optimal. The focus here is not on the quantity but on quality.

The requirement to the Belarus Armed Forces is that they quickly and efficiently complete tasks. But the primary task is to fight off every temptation of a possible enemy to attack.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Currently, we can note that there is no direct military threat to our country. I emphasize: I am talking about the direct military threat. Challenges of another nature have come to the fore. However, as the proverb says, you need to keep the powder dry. And this wisdom still applies. The active use of mechanisms of "color revolution" to overthrow the legitimate government has led to an increase in the number of armed conflicts. Political goals are increasingly achieved by undermining the state from within.
Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria have plunged into a state of chaos. A number of "hot spots" is frozen and can strike at any time. Terrorism has swept the world: from the European continent to the United States. We see that flow of refugees fleeing from wars.

Stanislav Zas, State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus:
In this doctrine we have taken into account changes in the forms and methods of warfare. Classic wars were long ago replaced by other varieties, including the so-called hybrid war.  We took this into account in the new military doctrine too. Of course, emphasis here is more on information warfare. This is one of the components of present-day hostilities. And other positions, too. Of course, all these changes were taken into account.

The new military doctrine of Belarus takes into account non-traditional challenges such as the threat of terrorism and migration. At the same time Belarus notes that the use of military force is a measure of last resort only when all non-violent means are exhausted.

Andrei Ravkov, Defense Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The defensive orientation is preserved in its entirety. Belarus does not regard any nation as an enemy. The draft doctrine is the document that allows us to accurately track the challenges and threats that exist externally and internally, to precisely respond to changing circumstances that may occur in our country, in neighboring countries, including on the issues of terrorism not only to neighboring countries but to further states that may be involved in this.

The Belarusian Head of State approved the draft military doctrine. There will be some minor amendments before the document gets into the parliament.

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