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Belarus and Belarusians: Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents first mobile exhibition project

The first mobile exhibition project was presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) January 19. Historians gathered archival materials and footage of modern photographers. Thanks to this exhibition you can learn the history of Belarus since the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to the present time. The project is planned to see abroad. The exhibition reflects, among other things, the history of Mir and Nesvizh Castles and the spills of Pripyat River. The Belarusian exhibition project also features pictures of the Chernobyl disaster and Armenia after the earthquakes. The photographer Sergei Plytkevich did reports from a lot of hot spots. Perhaps that is why the Belarusian peaceful sights look very touching and valuable.

Sergei Plytkevich, photographer: 
Belarus is one of the most peaceful and stable territories among the European countries. The territory of Belarus can be used for the benefit of the conflicting sides. 

The work of this famous photographer will be presented at the exhibition: past and present , times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the history of sovereign Belarus, Belarus as a country with ancient traditions and Belarusians as a hospitable and peaceful nation. This project is a sort of presentation for many countries. Everyone will recognize Belarus as a country that has a rich history and talented people.

Elena Kupchina, deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
This mobile project will be actively used in the foreign activities of Belarus through our diplomatic missions.

Ambassadors were the first to see the project. They assessed a perspective of bilateral relations.

Veljko Kovacevic, extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Republic of Belarus: 
We have traditionally friendly and developed relations. Such exhibitions would help to further strengthening of our relations and mutual understanding between Belarus and Serbia.

Photos tell you a lot about Belarusian culture: Belarus declared 2016 the Year of Culture.

Oleg Ryzhkov, director of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus:
Literature, art, theater, and architecture are represented at the exhibition. Culture is a very big and massive word, according to the Belarusian President.

Belarus and Belarusians is the first mobile exhibition project in Belarus.

First mobile exhibition project in Belarus