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Belarusian companies mulling IPO on world's leading stock exchanges

IPO as an opportunity to enter international markets. Belarusian companies are considering offering of their shares on the leading stock exchanges of the world. Many companies that became their players made their name in this way and attracted additional capital.

The IPO changes the status of a company. It becomes public. This means anyone can become its investor. In terms of the present-day difficult economic situation this tool could be a significant way to improve the situation of Belarusian enterprises, raise funds and find new markets. Today it is the flagships of Belarusian machine-building industry that have the most significant prospects in this field.

Ayuna Nechaeva, director of business development of the primary market of the CIS, Russia and Mongolia, the London Stock Exchange:
Belarusian enterprises are ready to consider the possibilities. The concept of a public listing, the concept of access to Western markets is something they are interested in.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
This is something we need and should strive for because we must preserve our global players in the global market. Plus, in our case, you know that Belarus is a country with a very open economy, and in terms of export orientation index it is one of the leaders in the world. Our goal is the promotion of Belarusian exports to new markets. And in order to go into new markets, it is necessary to get access to stock exchanges.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce