Belarusian creates John Lennon portrait from white salt

Belarusian creates John Lennon portrait from white salt

An artist from Grodno, Yulia Bolbat, 25, introduced a work, in an unusual technique.

She created John Lennon’s portrait from white salt.

As much as 1.5 kg of white salt was used for the creation of this portrait.

Another feature of the work is that it almost entirely consists of hash tags.

Yulia believes that the work of legendary The Beatles will always be relevant. The girl chose white salt for the main “ingredient” not by chance: this mineral is considered a symbol of vitality.

The portrait of Frank Sinatra from dog food is another incredible work of Yulia Bolbat.

The picture was presented on the eve of the international day of The Beatles, which has been celebrated annually since 16 January, 2001, according to a UNESCO decision.

This legendary Liverpool quartet that consists of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, has turned the whole world upside down. Even today there is no person on earth who hasn’t heard about The Beatles at least once.

Music historians, critics and music lovers have been trying to unravel a secret of their popularity for many years.

Some people even put Lennon and McCartney on the list of the greatest composers right after Beethoven. The boys could not even imagine that they would become so popular. They didn’t know that they would be the role models for entire generations of young people.