What should Belarus remove from school curriculum?

What should Belarus remove from school curriculum?

The base curriculum Belarus needs to be reviewed, said the Minister of Education of Belarus in an interview with "SB. Belarus Today." According to Mikhail Zhuravkov, the current program is considerably more complicated than that of a few decades ago.

The textbooks should include only the most important and relevant information. 

When it comes to hard sciences one of the main role models for Belarus today is the curriculum of the Soviet school of the second half of the 20th century.

"It is necessary not only to revise approaches to the presentation of the material, but also remove at least 20-30% of the information," said Mikhail Zhuravkov.

Thus it is necessary to find out what students are studying in other countries, especially in countries with a very high level of secondary education.

Now experts are developing educational and methodological complexes of new generation, the core of which is a basic textbook.  Additional material will be included in appendixes that can be used in the classroom and during homework.

All that complicates the material or makes it impossible for learning by students at the secondary level, will be included in a separate course, which will be studied during extra hours for those students who are interested in deeper study of a subject.

An important step in improving the quality of training, the minister said, is the development of approaches to create specialized classes in schools.

It is necessary to improve the system of applicants' selection. Although the Centralized Test (the nationwide test checking the knowledge of school leavers) has shown its effectiveness, it requires further development. In particular, this applies to tasks where one is to explain the decision, findings or conclusions or present logic behind the solution, the minister is convinced.