Minsk Arena hosting CS:GO, Dota 2 international tournament finals


Minsk Arena hosting CS:GO, Dota 2 international tournament finals

At this moment Minsk Arena is hosting the final of SL i-League StarSeries World Finals: Minsk, with a prize fund of $500,000This is the first time the Belarus capital has hosted an e-tournament of such a level.

This is the first e-sports event in the history of CIS and the first tournament in the world that is taking place at a stadium (Minsk Arena's capacity is 18,000).

Specifically for the event, Minsk Arena have created a unique gaming stage and added some screens for better view.

In addition, each spectator will be able to meet gaming world stars and participate in an autograph session.

And as it became known, less than an hour ago, in a virtual battle, Sweden defeated the United States. Thus, the first winners are already known.

Denis Bogush, the organizer of the international league finals for popular computer games: 
Why does that team have an American flag? Because it comprises 3 Americans, 1 Canadian and 1 Pakistani.  There are also Belarusians taking part but they are in other teams. Unfortunately, they have not passed the qualifying round. All teams are professional, they have their own clans, managers and so on. They have their own training facilities. Why Minsk? Because we are willing to host major championships: we have marvelous infrastructure, a great arena and a lot of hotels around.