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Prospects of self-employed businesses for 2016 discussed January 14

In Belarus, the year 2016 is important for the development of the dialogue of business and authorities and for effective joint economic decisions. Representatives of the national unions on January 14 talked over the prospects for small businesses, the problems and challenges for 2016.

Among the main innovations of 2016 is the mandatory certification of products.

Such conditions apply from January 1. The measure aims at protecting domestic producers since cheap imports of uncertified products greatly complicate domestic producers' businesses. Consumers will also be affected by the innovations.

Vladimir Karyagin, chairman of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurship:
A more rational approach should be applied to costs in certain areas; we should increasingly be included in each economic activity. This year is very important in terms of not just the development of dialogue between business and the authorities but also in terms of joint action: the creation of products, services and export of Belarusian products. Today, the economy is very mobile, open, and we are working in both the European market and in the market of the five countries.