Alexander Lukashenko: Culture is the nation's foundation

Alexander Lukashenko: Culture is the nation's foundation

The triumph of spirituality. At this moment the prestigious ceremony to present awards "For Spiritual Revival" and special prize of the President is taking place at the Palace of the Republic.

Award winners were named in December. Today, January 12, in a solemn atmosphere, one can see Belarusians whose efforts are permeated with the idea of ​​philanthropy, charity and creativity. For Spiritual Revival is awarded in line with presidential decrees. And, as a rule, it is delivered personally by the President. 

Five such awards are given in various fields: for outstanding works of literature and art, or for active work in the field of conservation and development of national cultural heritage.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I note that the current presentation of awards "For Spiritual Revival" and special prizes of the President opens the Year of Culture. The state attaches great importance to the development of this important sector. We see our main task here in strengthening the intellectual, spiritual strength of the people, supporting the initiatives aiming at the conservation of historical heritage, raising to a new level contemporary art. Culture is the foundation on which any nation is formed. It is the basis of ideology, indicating the directions and goals.
We live in a difficult and, unfortunately, a very anxious time. You forgive me, but I have been saying often about it recently. Believe me, not in vain. The profound spiritual crisis has swept many countries. And as a result destructive forces in different parts of the Earth's are attempting to break the system of traditional values.  High technology, unprecedented speed of communication and globalization have not helped people become closer to each other.  Unfortunately, we have seen the bitter fruits of this policy: the rejection of the family institution, the value of human life and social justice. Self-centeredness, selfishness and permissiveness leads to complete degradation. Today it is the cohesion of the nation around the true, creative values that guarantees its preservation and progress, and spiritual health and well-being. It is no coincidence that during the 70th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, our country was called a symbol of peace. The Belarusian people is able to learn from the past, cherish the clean air above and tranquility in society. It remains faithful to high moral values. It is important that people of art understand this and their creativity oppose incivility and other negative phenomena overshadowing our lives.          

Among the winners is the Bishop of Borisov and Maringorskaya Veniamin.

Veniamin, Bishop of Borisov and Maryina Gorka:
The prize, as well as any evaluation of your work, of course inspires, especially when the prize is awarded by the head of state. At the same time, the prize is a big responsibility. For me personally it is a sign of attention to works created by the many of our clergymen of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, and I am one of their representatives.

The award "For Spiritual Revival" went to the labor collective of the medical center Mother and Child. Today the center gives jobs to more than a thousand employees and is uniquely equipped. Even the most difficult children are nursed here and sometime literally brought back to life. 

At present, Belarus is in 25th place among 179 countries and a leader among CIS countries in terms of motherhood comfort.

Konstantin Vilchuk, director of the state Institution "Republican Scientific and Practical Centre "Mother and Child":
During the 10 years we have been trying to build a team, to create a team that gives every patient - from newborn mothers and finishing - warm-heartedness and sincere attitude to everyone who needs our help. And even patients who are born with problems can count on our support. Thanks to state support, thanks to a perinatal care system, the Republic of Belarus has achieved results like these. In the ranking of comfortable maternity and childhood, our country occupies 25th place out of 179 countries. This is a fairly high rating.         

Of course, there are other winners of the award "For Spiritual Revival". There are three more of them. The award was given to the team of the National Museum of Art. Among the award winners is the abbot of the religious community "Parish of the Holy Trinity" in the village of Rositsa. Also, the award went to the local religious association "Vitebsk Diocese Rome", who created the requiem book "Live and Remember", which summarizes the results of work on the identification and study of the burial sites of Belarusians who defended the Fatherland in different parts of Europe. Also, in 2015, 10 special prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus were awarded. All these are figures of culture and art, science, teachers, groups of authors and other worthy people.