Belarusians mark 75th anniversary of Vladimir Mulyavin's birthday

Belarusians mark 75th anniversary of Vladimir Mulyavin's birthday

On January 12, the most prominent persons of culture and art will get the special prize of the Belarus President. Among them is the Gorky National Academic Theatre, who got the prize for the performance Pesnyar, dedicated to the works of Vladimir Mulyavin, the frontman of the band Pesnyary.

Today, January 12, the maestro would have turned 75. In honor of the anniversary, a gala concert will take place in the evening on the stage of the Belarusian State Philharmonic. "Alexandrina", "Zavushnіtsy" and "Slutskіya Tkachychі" are among the most popular songs Vladimir Mulyavin is famous for.

The legendary ensemble "Pesnyary" is considered a hallmark of Belarus. At one time, the musicians were not inferior to The Beatles in terms of popularity. The ensemble was the first Belarusian team to perform at concert venues in the US. 

Valery Skorozhonok, former soloist of Pesnyary:
Such people are born in a hundred years. Such as Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas or Maxim Bogdanovich. Mulyavin deserves to be near them. He raised Belarusian song traditions to the world level. We are known now all over the world thanks to the brand Pesnyary.

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Nikolai Vasilyev, Vladimir Mulyavin friend:
The people loved him, loved his songs, because these were native Belarusian songs, so this day can be naturally considered the day of memory of Vladimir Mulyavin.

The President of Belarus has sent congratulations to participants of the commemoration ceremony of the People's Artist of the USSR and Belarus Vladimir Mulyavin.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed his sincere gratitude to those who, through their hard work, contributes to preserving the memory of Vladimir Mulyavin and promote his work.