Minsk 2015: Major Events of the Year


Minsk 2015: Major Events of the Year

Belarus emerges from winter holidays - Catholic and Orthodox Christmas and the New Year’s Eve - so it’s perfect time to look back on 2015 and remember the major events of the bygone year.

In 2015, Minsk became a city of the world’s hope. The leaders of Russia, Germany, France, and Ukraine came to Belarus to find a way to solve the Ukrainian crisis. Everything was meticulously prepared by the President of Belarus for hosting the talks between President Putin, Chancellor Merkel, President Poroshenko and President Hollande.

The talks on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis were held in Geneva, Milan, and France, but only the talks in Minsk became the most fruitful. Thus, the Belarusian capital gained a reputation of a suitable arena for any kind of peacemaking talks.

Belarusian people proved that they are a united nation even during hard times by voting at the presidential elections, which took place on October 11, 2015. At that time, Minsk was receiving 150 international observers from many European and post-Soviet countries.

The important feature of Belarusian international policy is openness to mutually beneficial cooperation. In 2015, Minsk welcomed Xi Jinping, the leader of the People’s Republic of China, Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, and Tomislav Nikolić, the President of Serbia.

Days of Minsk were held in Saint-Petersburg in 2015, with cooperation with Russia remaining the key one for Belarus.

On September 11, 2015, the agreement that made Minsk and Tbilisi twin cities was signed in the Belarusian capital. So far, these two cities have been in partnership relations for about 20 years.

The end of 2015 was marked by good news in mechanical engineering field.  Belarusian-French car manufacturing was given the green light.  An assembly line of business class cars started to work in one of Minsk’s factories.

Also, in 2015, the construction of the China-Belarus Industrial Park began near Minsk. That will become the largest industrial park in Europe. It is planned to have a lot of large companies there, which will focus on electronics, pharmaceutics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and biotechnologies. A tram line may be built to link Minsk and the industrial park.

It was the first year when the general plan of Minsk development by 2030 was put up for public discussion.

It is planned to create more jobs in the suburbs and make road traffic less heavy. According to the plan, the 4th metro line will be a circle line, and there will be a high-speed tram connecting Minsk with a town of Logoisk, the China-Belarus Industrial Park, the village Sokol, and the Minsk airport. 

Gennady Zyuganov, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
I have been to 80 countries, and Minsk is among ten most beautiful and well-planned cities.

By 2030, the Vostochny district and the High Technollogies Park, the neighborhood Brilevichi and Mikhalovo, Kamennaya Gorka and Lebyazhy, shopping centers Magister and Minsk’s Mayak are set to be completed.

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In 2015, some people’s dream came true and they moved in to their flats. The residential building plan was exceeded. 921,000m2 were put into operation instead of 740m2.

The construction of the 3rd metro line is still going on in Minsk. Once finished, people will be able to get to the neighborhoods Zelyony Lug and Kurasovshchina.

Many Russian and CIS journalists, anchors and artists who visited Minsk enjoyed their staying in the capital and said that Minsk is a beautiful, clean and great city.

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It was a year of construction and modernization of health-care institutions. A nursing care hospital and a diagnostic center were opened in Minsk. Several general medical centers were constructed, renovated and provided with modern medical equipment.

Not only medical facilities but also schools and kindergartens are expected to open their doors in new city districts. Two kindergartens and one school were built in the Lebyazhy and Kamennaya Gorka districts in 2015 (read more about social policy in Belarus).

As our government supports people’s desire to do sports and follow a healthy life style, in 2015, a lot of sport facilities were renovated and equipped according to modern standards. 

The largest outdoor gym in Minsk appeared in the Mikhail Pavlov Park. The sports complex of the major Belarusian universities BSUIR and BNTU underwent major renovation, too.

Finally, in 2015, the construction of a long-expected Freestyle Sport Complex in the center of Minsk was finished.

A lot of shopping centers open in Minsk every year. In 2015, 150 shopping centers open their doors in Minsk, including 10 large shopping malls with five hypermarkets.

Minsk residents are keen on different cultural events and places. One of their favorite places is the Loshitsa estate that has great historical and cultural value.

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The renovation was finished, all architectural elements are restored, unique glazed tile stove and fireplace were also renovated. The estate was subject to many changes.  The latest changes were made by Evstafiy Lyubanskiy, the representative of the Prushinsky family. 

The Loshitsa estate of 2015 is an exquisite mansion with antique furniture, where visitors could feel the aristocratic atmosphere of the end of the 19th century.

It took six years to finish the renovation of the Theatre for Young Audience. Now, it has all modern equipment, which allows controlling sounds and lights. The exterior of the building wasn’t changed. The building is the architectural monument of the 1950s.

A new building was constructed in the Minsk’s Zoo. Various exotic representatives of flora and fauna from South America can be found here.

New museum exhibitions were opened in 2015, such as the Museum of the History of Medicine.

Also, a long-awaited subway museum appeared at the Mogilevskaya metro station.

The memorial Trostenets, a place, where a death camp used to be during the Great Patriotic War, was opened on the day of 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

In addition, a lot of festive events were organized in Minsk in 2015. For instance, in the Upper Town of Minsk, people could watch different theatre and dance performances, they could enjoy various master classes and exhibitions of artists and handcrafters.

In 2015, the 3rd Minsk Forum of Street Theatres took place in the capital, and Minsk residents could also enjoy jazz evenings near the Minsk City Hall.

The 22nd International Film Festival Listapad allowed people to watch 184 films from 60 countries.

In 2015, a unique public art project The Island of Art took place on of the islands of Lake Komsomlskoye. Also, the 11th National Festival of Architecture Minsk 2015 and the 17th Nationwide Competition of the Best Architectural Works were held in 2015. Minsk underwent a lot of beautiful transformations thanks to two street art festivals Vulica Brasil and Urban Myths.

The Minsk Half Marathon (Russian: Polumarafon) became one of the largest sporting events of 2015. As many as 16,099 runners from 36 countries participated in it.

This event was dedicated to the City Day, which is usually marked in the middle of September. Minsk celebrated its 948th anniversary in 2015.

And now, with the start of the new year, 2016, Minsk residents wish everybody happiness and good luck.