BC Tsmoki Minsk beat Estonian Kalev in VTB United League


BC Tsmoki Minsk beat Estonian Kalev in VTB United League

On January 9, BC Tsmoki Minsk, after heavy matches against CSKA and Khimki pulled out a long-awaited victory in the VTB United League. The Minsk club defeated Estonian Kalev on the home ground.

Justin Gray, Tsmoki Minsk:
I like playing wherever there are fans coming to cheer for us. This arena (Sports Palace - note by CTV.by) is not large but it's comfortable to play here.

Kalev were considered underdogs in this game, but during the first 2 quarters the teams were alsmost on equal footing leading by only one or two points.

However, in the end, the class and skills of Tsmoki's leader Alexander Kudryavtsev and Ivan Maros broke Kalev's resistence. The Estonian club lost completely the third quarter and finally Tsmoki felt the taste of so the long-awaited victory! The final result was 100-77.

Alexander Kudryavtsev, Tsmoki Minsk:
We had a very difficult schedule but the teams from Austria and Estonia are those against whom we must take points. But those matches against CSKA, Khimki and Varese were extremely difficult for us. Most of the teams we have recently met are champions or leaders of their respective championships.