15 years on: CTV Channel marking birthday

15 years on: CTV Channel marking birthday

CTV channel on January 1 accepted congratulations on the anniversary occasion. On that day in 2001, the first news release came out. During the 15 years , CTV journalists traveled all continents, climbed to the top of the mountains and went down deep into the earth.

The CTV TV channel has gone a long way over 15 years together with the audience and the whole Belarus.

This age-mate TV channel of the third millennium became a witness to our common history, the history of the Republic of Belarus. The launch of the Belarusian satellite, the first heart transplant and the Olympic triumph of Domracheva. The CTV reported about all these events, and more important, we went through them together.

The CTV channel began with news releases, which will always be the face of the Belarusian channel. Audience sees this picture everyday on the screen. But here it is what happens a few minutes before the broadcast (watch the article video for more details).

Irina Rombalskaya, TV presenter, CTV channel:
Actually, probably, when coming into the news, it’s already impossible to get out of here. Probably, my whole life basically lies in the fact, that I go through all news in person. If I drive around the city and see some kind of accident, I know I need to call the journalists of the TV program Capital in Detail . Who knows, maybe they will use my information later.

 However, the reporter is the most “adrenaline-rich” profession.

 Olga Korshun, CTV:
We did a stand-up, when I stood on the roof of the moving car. It was, of course, very scary. But we have achieved the desired effect, like in a Van Damme movie. So you have to change profession, sometimes it’s even dangerous to life. But you can do anything for a good picture.

The 21st century is a big part of the modern history of Belarus. During this period, we learned to stand firmly on feet, to feed ourselves and to earn. At the same time the CTV channel grows and develops. We live through the most important events for the country together.

 Yuriy Koziyatko, general director of CTV:
Our reporters work in all Belarus’ locations. Today, technologies, which we have mastered, allow making reports promptly, quickly and from any place of the globe. And even if we do some movies, films about other countries, a feature is that now Belarusian viewers will learn about the world through the eyes of Belarus residents.

This is the Minsk Square State Flag opening ceremony. To achieve such diverse pictures, nearly a hundred people, 12 cameras and two mobile studios were required. The CTV channel organized such a large-scale broadcasting for the first time.

 And this is the same square in 2015. The inauguration of the President. Belarus observes over the most important event through the eyes of CTV channel operators.

Lilia Ananich, information minister of the Republic of Belarus:
15 years is not the age, I want to say, because it's not even 16 years. But for Belarus television it’s the sovereignty of the country's national information space, it’s our common work to strengthen the independent Belarus.

In 2014, the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk rattles the entire planet. The CTV organizes for the first time an away studio, overlooking the main Championship area. The CTV provided the live coverage of one of the most significant sporting events of the recent time.

The whole Belarus lives ice hockey. The documentary CTV “Shaibu! Shaibu!” stirs interest to the main sporting event. Belarusian reporters, in fact, drew the first ice hockey video encyclopedia. This project then received a Special Prize of the President.

And here are the main trophies of the national TV contest Televershina. CTV has about fifty awards like these (watch video). According to the results of the national competition, CTV channel won awards for the best work of presenters, reporters, operators and the best informational, analytical and entertainment programs of Belarus on the air.

There is a 15-year road behind us. The CTV channel continues this rough way with all Belarus and the audience so that each new day you can hear these words: "The CTV channel is on the air".