CTV channel marks 15th anniversary January 1, 2016

CTV channel marks 15th anniversary January 1, 2016

The CTV channel 1 January marked the 15th birthday. On January 1, 2001, the first news release, then a city-wide one, came on air. The modern CTV is two television buttons, an Internet portal and thousands of views on the largest internet sources. You can read, hear and watch the CTV channel 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

President Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the CTV staff.

"The CTV's programs are marked by desire for novelty and efficiency of information presentation as well as a recognizable style and creative approach. The authoritative word of your correspondents helps people objectively assess the events in the country and abroad. I am confident that you will continue to delight the audience with relevant and interesting programs and make a significant contribution to the positive image of our sovereign state," the message reads.

Over 15 years, CTV journalists travelled all continents, climbed to the top of mountains and went down deep into the earth. The CTV is first of all news but also a number of projects: Singing cities, Star Diligence, KhoroShow, which in different years gathered talents and opened the way to the big stage. The videoencyclopaedia "We need a goal" about ice hockey received a special award of the President. The same award went to a telethon on the Year of Children.

The biggest project in the history of the CTV I Am Walking Across The Country opened Belarus from an unexpected angle.